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"Save your shampoo and conditioner from sneaky roommates by storing them in a Shlocker." Natalie Brown / Buzzfeed (November 1, 2016) 18 Useful Tricks That Will Make Your Bathroom So Much Better

"It was the toothbrush on the floor that got him. Tal Berke wouldn’t be the first inventor to think up a new-and-improved product in the shower, though his a-ha moment had as much to do with frustration as inspiration. He remembers the last straw clearly: Home from work, ready for a shower and a relaxing evening, and then bam. Shampoo gone. Razor dripping with someone else’s residual stubble. And the toothbrush…"  Gregory Zeller / Innovate LI (October 16, 2016) Beware, Bathroom Burglars: Shlocker's Locked In

"Fans of the Shlocker are ecstatic about this new organization and security tool. 'It’s a great idea. It’s ‘Wow! Somebody finally invented this!’ I want one in my home,' said Douglas Campese, a mason and stone craftsman of Utica, New York. Another fan, Shinger Xsu of Flushing, New York, agreed saying, 'I think the Shlocker is a good idea in order to keep your things organized.'" Jacob Goldblas/ HiFiveInsider (September 13, 2016) 'Shlocker': The Next Best Thing in Hygiene Innovation

"Shlocker is the latest example of a quirky home gadget. Their angle is this: many people would agree that one of the huge disadvantages of living with others is having your personal items used without your consent. Perhaps even more unsettling is just never knowing if your things are secure. Whether it’s a standard razor or an expensive shampoo, you don’t want others freeloading off your nice things. But there has been no easy fix in keeping bathroom items out of reach from roommates. Shlocker claims to solve this." Jeff Weisbein / BestTechie (April 7, 2016). If You Have Roommates, You Need This Quirky Gadget

"Essentially a shower locker, the Shlocker is great for college students or recent grads sharing an apartment. For those who would rather not have their sneaky roommate or siblings borrowing their toiletries, they won’t have to worry about anyone borrowing their soap or using their razor" Ayelet Noff / Product Hunt (April, 2016). Shlocker: A Shower Locker for your personal care products

"This is the Shlocker. It’s a shower locker with a three number lock combination to keep your roomie from stealing the fancy tropical scented body wash your mom got you from Bath & Bodyworks... ...I’m gonna sit this one out. Mainly because I am the roommate using the fancy tropical scented body wash your mom got you from Bath & Bodyworks. And I aim to keep it that way! I’m not even sorry." Brittany High / Incredible Things (April, 2016). Roommate Stealing Your Shampoo? You Need a Shower Locker

"How many times have you gone to take a shower and noticed that your roommate has used up what's left of your shampoo or body wash? The Shlocker is a mini locker that you can place inside your shower to lock your shower products away from your greedy shampoo-less roommates." OddityMall (April 7, 2016). Shlocker: A Mini Shower Locker, Keeps Your Shampoo Safe From Your Roommates

"The Shlocker is an innovative at-home shower locker designed to keep one's personal products safe from unwanted use. The small storage unit fits comfortably inside a shower unit and contains a locking mechanism with a code to keep anything stashed inside safe from unwanted users. This is ideal for consumers that struggle with roommates constantly using their products that want to keep them safe yet still within reach for daily use."  Misel Sabab / TrendHunter (April 6, 2016). At-Home Shower Lockers

"No one likes a leach, especially when they’re living under the same roof as you. How many times have you gone into the shower to find that your shampoo or bar of soap has been used by someone other than yourself? This is a common threat against roommates and luckily... ...Shlocker is looking to solve the problem." Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie (April 2016). Shlocker is a shower locker that prevents your cheap roommates from stealing your stuff

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