1. Wipe down mounting surface so that is clean and dry.

  2. Separate the suction cup + bracket body from the tightening cap

  3. Fit the suction cup + bracket body into hole on back of the cabinet

  4. Align suction cup(s) with surface

  5. Apply pressure and turn cap clockwise to tighten suction and lock in place

  1. First, set the lock to its default factory code: 000

  2. Then, on the back of the lock (inside the door), push the pin from "A" to "B"

  3. Set the lock to a code you'll remember, then push the pin back to the "A" position

  4. Make sure to remember your new code!

Please note: while the lock can be reset, the door must be open in order to reset it. If you forget your code while the Shower Locker is closed and locked, there is not a way to regain access without breaking the cabinet.

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