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4 Undeniable Truths About Living with Roommates

More people are living with roommates than ever before. Whether you’re in a dorm for the first time, living in a small space in a big city, or sharing a house, if you have roommates, you can be sure these situations will come into play at some point.

1. Shared expenses can become an issue. Ideally before you move in, make sure you discuss how the rent and other bills will be paid and by whom. Use a system like Venmo or Splitwise to easily make payments to each other and keep track of bills.

2. Shared spaces are not always fun. Your delish leftovers? Might not see those again. That pricey shampoo you just splurged on? Your roomie is super excited about it too! Some boundaries are difficult to set, and better to try and avoid arguments from the get go. Get yourself a Shower Locker to keep your personal care products organized and secure.

3. Not everyone has the same definition about cleanliness. What one person considers tidy, another might find disheveled. Towering trashcans and sinks full of dishes are the stalemate in a classic game of “not my turn.” Again, set rules from the beginning about who will handle what chores and when.

4. You will learn all sorts of interesting things about your roommates. You’ll see, hear, and smell the good, the bad, and the ugly from your roomies. As long as they’re not consistently interfering with your happiness, try to use these experiences to remember we’re all perfectly imperfect humans.

At the end of the day, preparation and communication are key! Despite potential differences, living with other people can be a great experience and will create fond memories.

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