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Sharing a Bathroom?

We knew that many other people dealing with a shared bathroom must also be wondering why their shampoo bottle feels suspiciously light, feeling irritated with gunk and grime on their soap bar, and worrying whether their razor has been used by someone else.

Previously, the only other existing solution was using a shower caddy to transport items to and from the bathroom each time. This seems like an easy fix, until you’re halfway through your shower and realize you forgot to bring in a necessary product. Portable caddies also create quite a mess throughout the living space, leaving puddles of water and soap in their wake.

We created a simple, in-shower storage space that provides security and organization for your personal care items.

Our mission is to develop products that alleviate common frustrations arising from shared spaces. 

After several years of living with siblings and roommates, we had a shower thought!


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Image by Spencer Davis
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